H&B non-toxic incenses

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Are you looking for an incense that not only smells good, but is also good for your health and the environment? Then H&B is the perfect choice for you.

Since its foundation in 2011, H&B has been a leader in the manufacture of incense based on wild aromatic plants and spices that are combined with resins and flower essences. Unlike most incense brands, H&B is concerned with offering a product that is respectful of the environment and healthy for people. How do they do that? Using natural ingredients and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals for health, such as diethyl sulfate and formaldehyde.

Additionally, H&B prides itself on its ethical and sustainable manufacturing process. Many of the plants are collected directly from the mountains, while the wood used belongs to trees that have died several years ago. The ingredients are carefully ground and blended to achieve the desired fragrance. And to ensure the highest quality, the bamboo sticks are rolled by hand and left to dry in the sun for several months.

But H&B cares not only about the quality of its products, but also about fair and honest relationships in its supply chain. The brand makes sure that the environment is respected in the collection processes, that child labor is not used in factories and that workers receive a decent and adequate wage.

And last but not least, H&B cares about its customers and offers them the best products at competitive and affordable prices. By choosing H&B, you are not only getting a healthy and environmentally friendly incense, but you are also supporting an economy based on cooperation, honesty and service to people.

So if you're looking for a high-quality incense that won't compromise your health or the health of the planet, look no further than H&B.


  • OUD: With oud wood, benzoin, frankincense, styrax and myrrh. - Relaxing ideal for concentration.
  • NAG CHAMPA: With sandalwood, champaka flower and halmadi resin.- Relaxing ideal for meditation.
  • SANDALWOOD: With white sandalwood shavings along with natural sandalwood essence. - Relaxing ideal for meditation.
  • PARIJAT: White Champaka, Geranium and Halmadi. - Stimulating, lifts the spirits.
  • TULSI: With essential oil and pulverized leaves of tulsi (Indian basil. - Expectorant, relaxes and purifies the environment.
  • LAVENDER: With essence of lavender, lavandin and thymus. - Relaxing, uplifting.
  • ANANDA: With essence of orange blossom, lotus and jasmine. - Stimulating, increases self-esteem.
  • VETIVERT: With vetivert root and essence of vetivert and bergamot. - Relaxing increases the ability to concentrate.
  • BENZOIN: With white dammar resin and benzoin essence. - Relaxing purifies the environment.
  • HARI LILA: With two powerful floral essences such as jasmine and the flower of a tree called bakula. - Stimulating, lifts the spirits.
  • JASMINE: With essence of jasmine, Himalayan tuberose and almond. - Soothing and Aphrodisiac.
  • HALMADI: With ailanthus malabárica resin. - Relaxing ideal for meditation.

Quality guarantee

  • H&B uses its own formulas to achieve unique aromas from an ecological, healthy and respectful approach to the environment.
  • All the raw materials used are accredited and accompanied by a safety data sheet as well as a certificate of analysis.
  • H&B incenses are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards.
  • We guarantee an incense without solvents, without preservatives and without synthetic products.

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