Sodium Gluconate


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Sodium Gluconate

INCI: Sodium Gluconate

CAS No. 527-07-1 / 14906-97-9
EC No. 208-407-7 / 238-976-7

Appearance: White or yellowish crystalline solid
pH: 6.50 – 7.50
Wealth: Min. 99.00%
Arsenic: Max. 3.00ppm
Heavy Metals: Max. 10.00 ppm
Lead: Max. 0.0001%
Loss on Drying: Max. 1.0000%
Related Substances: Max. 0.5000%
Manufactured by fermentation
Solubility: It is very soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol.

What is Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium Gluconate is a white or slightly yellowish crystalline compound that is used in a variety of applications, including cosmetics. Its chemical formula is C6H11O7Na, and it is produced through a fermentation process. This food additive meets the highest purity standards, making it a safe and reliable option for use in personal care products.

Benefits of Sodium Gluconate for skin and hair

Sodium Gluconate offers a number of benefits when used topically on the skin and hair. Its ability to act as a chelator makes it ideal for removing impurities and heavy metals from the skin, leaving it clean and revitalized. Additionally, its balanced pH makes it an excellent skin conditioner, helping to keep it soft and hydrated.

Types of skin and benefits of Sodium Gluconate

- Dry skin: Sodium Gluconate helps retain moisture, relieving dryness and restoring elasticity.
- Oily skin: Thanks to its chelating properties, Sodium Gluconate helps control excess oil and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.
- Sensitive skin: Its gentleness and balanced pH make Sodium Gluconate suitable for even the most sensitive skin, calming irritation and reducing redness.

Hair types and benefits of Sodium Gluconate

- Dry and brittle hair: Sodium Gluconate acts as a deep conditioner, restoring vitality and softness to damaged hair.
- Oily hair: Its ability to eliminate excess oil and impurities from the scalp makes it a key ingredient to combat greasy and heavy hair.
- Dyed or chemically treated hair: Sodium Gluconate helps prolong the duration of color and protect hair from damage caused by chemical treatments.

Who can benefit from using Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium Gluconate is suitable for a wide range of people, thanks to its versatile properties and gentle nature. Here is a list of skin and hair types that may especially benefit from its use:

- Normal to combination skin: Sodium Gluconate helps balance the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.
- Fine or no-volume hair: Its ability to condition without weighing it down makes it an excellent option for those with fine or no-volume hair.
- People concerned about natural ingredients: Sodium Gluconate is a natural component that is perfectly suited to those looking for a healthier alternative in their personal care products.

Products that you can make using Sodium Gluconate and recommended doses

Sodium Gluconate can be incorporated into a variety of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, shampoos and handmade soaps. Below, we present some ideas and the recommended doses for each type of product:

- Artisanal soaps: Add approximately 1-2% Sodium Gluconate to the soda water.
- Body creams and lotions: Incorporate around 0.5-1% Sodium Gluconate in the aqueous phase of your formulation to make the most of its moisturizing benefits.
- Shampoos and conditioners: Mix an amount between 0.2-0.5% of Sodium Gluconate in your formula to improve scalp health and strengthen hair.

Other cosmetic active ingredients that combine with Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate can be combined with a variety of other cosmetic active ingredients to enhance their effects and create more effective products. Here are three examples of ingredients that perfectly complement Sodium Gluconate:

1. Hyaluronic Acid: This powerful moisturizer combines well with Sodium Gluconate to provide deep, long-lasting hydration to skin and hair.
2. Aloe Vera Extract: Known for its soothing and healing properties, aloe vera extract complements the softening effects of Sodium Gluconate.
3. Vitamin E: As a natural antioxidant, vitamin E helps protect skin and hair from damage caused by free radicals, thus enhancing the benefits of Sodium Gluconate.
4. Sodium lactate: These two ingredients work in synergy to provide deep, long-lasting hydration, along with a host of other positive effects.

With this detailed information, you are ready to take full advantage of the benefits of Sodium Gluconate in your personal care products. Experiment and discover the power of this ingredient!
versatile active to transform your personal care routine.


In conclusion, Sodium Gluconate powder is an invaluable component in the world of natural cosmetics. Its ability to cleanse, hydrate and revitalize skin and hair makes it an essential element in the formulation of high-quality personal care products.

At La Despensa del Sobón, we are proud to offer Sodium Gluconate of the highest purity and quality. Our product is manufactured through a careful process that guarantees its purity and effectiveness in each application. Additionally, we offer a wide range of other natural ingredients so you can create your own personalized products with complete confidence.

If you are looking for where to buy premium quality Sodium Gluconate powder, look no further than La Despensa del Sobón. Discover everything this incredible ingredient can do for your skin and hair, and transform your personal care routine today with the highest quality products. Experience the benefits of Sodium Gluconate and elevate your self-care to a whole new level with us!

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