Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil


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Essential oil of Litsea Cubeba

INCI: Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil

CAS No: 68855-99-2 / 90063-59-5

EINECS / ELINCS Nº :: 290-018-7

Appearance: Clear liquid, yellow to yellow brown.

Smell: Characteristic, fresh, citrus.


RELATIVE DENSITY 20 ° C: 0.870 - 0.890

REFRACTION INDEX 20 ° C 1.475 - 1.489

OPTICAL ROTATION: (+ 1º / + 35º)


Litsea cubeba, commonly called May Chang, is a small tree that grows up to 12 meters in mountainous regions. It belongs to the family Lauraceae along with cinnamon tree, laurel or rosewood. It has simple, alternate and evergreen. The fruits are shaped like small berries with a thin pericarp and fleshy mesocarp, and harvested between July and September. Them a fresh essential oil is distilled with lemony, herbaceous and fruity aroma.

Native to Southeast Asia, the Chinese name Chang May, the cubeba litsea is consistent with its significant presence in China, Taiwan and Japan. In China, it grows wild in the southern part of the country, but also grown successfully in the center and east. The Litsea cubeba, is little known in the West, but is very popular in Asia.

The roots and branches of the plant are used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has many nicknames in several languages, everything about its powerful aroma reminiscent of lemon verbena and "exotic verbena" "verbena Yunnan" and "tropical verbena". Fruit shape, like a grain of pepper, inspired the scientific name; in fact, "cubeb" was taken from the "pepper cubeb 'pepper plant. The common name of "mountain pepper" was also inspired by fruit shape.

It is used for anti-fungal mixtures, room fresheners, insect repellent combined with other essential oils such as geranium. It is also used for applications in oily skin for its astringent properties. It is also very good air freshener. A energetic and emotionally uplifting.

Properties: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, refreshing, tonic, anti-inflammatory, astringent.
General purpose: Tones, air freshener, clean, cool, insect repellent.

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