Clove essential oil


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Clove essential oil


CAS Nº: 8000-34-8 / 84961-50-2 

EINECS/ELINCS Nº: 284-638-7

Aceite volátil que se obtiene por destilación al vapor de hoja de Eugenia caryophyllus, Myrtaceae. 


Thanks to the properties and medicinal benefits of clove (Syzygium aromaticum), it has been a natural remedy used for over 2,000 years. Originating in Indonesia, the advantage from the Egyptians to the Chinese, through Greek and Arabic. Cloves were used for culinary and therapeutic much. And formerly in the kitchen were included in the production of wines and other beverages as well as desserts or savory stews and other dishes. For home remedies can be prepared by an infusion with nails or using the (more concentrated) essential oil of cloves
Essential oil from the flowers of a tree Myrtaceae family.
Zambia is known for having these trees naturally, but the Moluccas, India and the Philippines grown.
Other essential oils that work well with him are: Salvia clear, juniper, mint, sage, thyme, citrus oils, lavender, rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang and other spices.
CAUTION: It is a very powerful and potent essential oil, so USE ONLY A FEW DROPS.
Uses health Nail Infections and toothache, sores, infected wounds, cuts, muscle aches. Back pain, neck, spine or back pain. Migraines helps fight bacteria in the nails and skin. It is considered an aphrodisiac, stimulates the mind and memory, improves breathing, helps overcome the states of exhaustion, even in excessive doses can be soporific. Insects away. Is used in cosmetics to add soaps and perfumes.
Instructions for use, maintenance and precautions:
- Do not apply directly to the skin (dilute in any conductive substance as vegetable oil, clay, shampoo, etc)
- Do not use during pregnancy
- Do not swallow
- Keep out of reach of children
- Always Use it carefully checking the skin reaction and possible allergies.
- Do not use more than two weeks
- Keep container in a dry, cool, dark place
- Open and close the container quickly as essential oils evaporate on contact with oxygen in the air


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