Tartaric acid


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Tartaric acid

INCI: Tartaric acid.
CAS Number: 87-69-4 / 133-37-9 / 147-71-7
No. (EINECS): 201-766-0 / 205-105-7 / 205-695-6

Synonyms: L - (+) - tartaric acid. D-tartaric acid. (2R, 3R) -2,3-Dihydroxysuccinic acid. (2R, 3R) -2,3-Dihydroxybutanedioic acid. E-334.

Molecular Formula: C4H6O6

Molecular Weight: 150.09

Physical and Chemical Data: White or almost white crystalline powder, or colorless crystals. Very soluble in water, easily soluble in 96% ethanol.

Melting point: 168-170 ° C.

Optical rotation: + 12.0 ° (c = 20, H2O).

Properties and uses:
Tartaric acid is present in many fruits, free or as calcium salt, magensium, or potassium. It is absorbed in the digestive tract, but up to 80% of the dose ingested is presumably destroyed by microorganisms in the intestinal lumen before absorption occurs. The absorbed part is excreted unchanged in the urine.

In pharmacy it is used as an excipient in the preparation of powders, granules, and effervescent tablets, in combination with bicarbonates.

Also as acidifying, synergistic antioxidant, flavoring, and sequestering. As active substance it has an astringent action, having been used in Seidlitz gas powders (in disuse). If it is not neutralized, it must be taken very diluted.

Topical route, 2 - 10%.
For plantar bromhidrosis, usually 5%.

Side effects: Concentrated solutions of tartaric acid are slightly irritating and if swallowed undiluted can lead to violent vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain and thirst. May continue cardiovascular collapse or acute renal failure.

Incompatibilities: Carbonates and bicarbonates, and salts of calcium, barium, potassium, and lead and other heavy metals.

Storage: In tightly closed containers. PROTECT FROM THE LIGHT.


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