Sodium lactate 60%


Sodium lactate 60%

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Sodium lactate 60%

INCI: Sodium lactate

CAS Number: 867-56-1

EINECS / ELINCS No: 212-762-3

Sodium lactate is a naturally occurring sodium salt of lactic acid produced by the fermentation of sugars from corn or beet. It is produced artificially by fermentation of sugary substances.
It is a good antioxidant, stabilizer, antibacterial and moisturizer.

As a hygroscopic agent it is used in cosmetic products to help preservatives and avoid fungi and yeasts, prevents loss of moisture, stabilizes the pH of the skin

It is recommended in the production of handmade soaps, both in cold and hot processes, generating a more fluid mass and providing hardness.

Uses: all types of creams, makeup, shampoos, body conditioners and capillaries, soaps, shaving gel, deodorants, serum, eye contour.


Soaps: 2 - 3% of total fat

Creams: 0.5 - 5%

application areas
It is used as a flavoring agent, pH value agent, hygroscopicity agent, color fixatives, etc., applied in food, cosmetics and in the medical and meat industry.

Extends shelf life, improves texture, color and taste of final product, preservative.

Composition: L (+) - Sodium lactate 60% H2O 40%
Chemical identity: Sodium (S) -2-hydroxypropanoate
Formula: C3-H5-O3-Na
No components need to be disclosed according to the applicable regulations.

Information on basic physical and chemical properties

Physical state at 20 ° C: Liquid
Color: Clear colorless to yellowish
Odor: Virtually sdorless
Odor threshold: No data available.
PH value: 6.5 - 7.5, 20% (25 ° C) (water solution)
Melting point [° C]: No data available.
Auto-ignition temperature [° C]: Not available
Flammability (solid, gas): Not available
Flash point [° C]: Not relevant
Boiling point [° C]: 115 ° C
Evaporation rate: Not available
Vapor Density: Not available
Density [g / cm 3]: 1260 - 1340 g / cm 3 (20 ° C)
Thermal decomposition:> 200 ° C
Solubility in water: Complete miscible
Log Pow octanol / water at 20 ° C: No data available.
Viscosity dynamic: 80-160 mPa.s (20 ° C)

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