Venice talc


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Venice talc

INCI: Talc
CAS: 14807-96-6 
EINECS: 238-877-9

Appearance: powder

White color
Odor: odorless
Origin: talc is derived from a natural mineral that has simply been ground. Country of origin: natural mine in France

It is a hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula: Mg3SiO10 (OH) 2, white or gray. 
It is added to cosmetics to facilitate the application of the powder and recreation, and to provide good sliding properties and adhesion. As to the hiding power and the ability to absorb moisture is relatively low, it is often combined with other powders such as kaolin, or zinc oxide. 
Talc is also a key ingredient in the production of dry shampoo, which can be used to remove grease and grime from the hair washing difficult, and for some pet soaps. 
The use of talcum powder is varied, can be used as a moisturizer for the skin, as a deodorant for its absorbent properties, as a lubricant, or as if soothing skin irritation or burns caused by the sun. It is especially suitable for babies who often suffer from irritation caused by the use of the diaper or urine. 
Also, going to make creams and perfectly homemade masks, since it can be used as a base to thicken the mixture. 
But the reality is that, although we have at home a bottle of talcum powder and let it thoroughly hand, are using the famous mineral daily consumption of other products. The most obvious are cosmetics, foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc. 
Your ability to grip, skin smoothness and ease to remove it a good candidate. 
Deodorants also carry in their composition talcum powder as it is a natural antiperspirant absorbs moisture and odor.

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