Fluent Bioazufre

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Fluent Bioazufre

INCI: Sulfur PEG-30 Castor Oil 

INCI: Sulfur 1,5 - 2 %
PEG-30 Castor Oil 99 - 98 %

CAS: 7704-34-9 / 61791-12-6

APPEARANCE: Viscous liquid of very dark brown color.

Products with bio-sulfur sulfur yield to the skin more easily than other types of sulfur, given their greater skin compatibility, and thus presenting more effective because penetrates well into the skin and scalp.
It acts normalizing excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, being used topically to combat problems of oily skin, acne and comedones as well as in states seborrheic scalp, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.
It is also used by the same route for its antiseptic, anti-parasitic, and soft queratolítica.

It is used in the form of hydroalcoholic lotions, liquid emulsions, shampoos, face masks, creams, ointments, bath and capillaries.

Description: viscous liquid, very dark brown, characteristic odor. Water soluble surfactants and ethanol.

Density: 1.045 to 1.065 g / ml. Refractive index: 1.4750 to 1.4790.

• Liquid Color: Dark brown Odor:
• Characteristic pH (2% aqueous solution) 6.5 Value - 7.9
• density 1045-1060 g / ml
• Solubility:

  • or water (20 ° C) Soluble
  • Ethanol Soluble or
  • Chloroform Soluble or
  • or Ether Slightly soluble

Notes: oxidizable is giving acid reaction, and is photosensitive.

Dosage: 0.5 - 10%.

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