Snail slime < 88%


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Snail slime < 88%

INCI: Snail exudate filtrate

The snail (Helix aspersa) is a terrestrial gastropod mollusk with spiral shell, long body and tentacles on the head. It is edible and when you move it secretes a slime or slime that facilitates its movement. This silt also helps, when it solidifies, to hold the snail in a support, usually vegetal, isolating it, at the same time, from a dry or unfavorable environment.

The use of snails and mucus has a long tradition in folk medicine that dates back to very ancient times. Currently, a series of research is being carried out on its active components and its use in medicine, dermatology, dermopharmacy and cosmetics.

Appearance: Clear or slightly opalescent liquid.
Color: Characteristic (from yellowish to dark brown).
Characteristic smell.
Solubility in water: Totally soluble (20 ° C approx.).
Solubility in other solvents: Insoluble in organic solvents and lipids. Soluble in Surfactants, hydroalcoholic, hydroglyceric and hydro-glycolic mixtures.
Total microbiological load at 30ºC <1,000 cfu / g
E.Coli <10 cfu / g
Yeasts and molds <100 cfu / g
Salmonella spp Absence / 25g
PH 2.5-4.0
Density 0.99-1.05 g / ml
Dry substance> 1.5%
Glycolic acid> 0.5g / l
Allantoin> 0.5g / l
Protein 0.2% -0.3%
Collagen> 0.1%

The most active substances of snail slime are the following:

• Proteins, very similar to the composition of the human dermis.

• Group B of vitamins.

• Allantoin, contains a significant proportion. Allantoin acts as a remarkable cell proliferator and regenerator of skin tissue.

• Alpha-hydroxy acids, including glycolic, citric, malic and lactic acids. The most external and damaged skin layers are eliminated.

• Minerals and trace elements, especially calcium salts that act as an essential factor to harden the opening of the shell, when the snails enter latency periods.

• Mucopolysaccharides, which give the typical lubricant and slippery touch to mucus. They have a great moisturizing power.

• Antiproteases control the action of cutaneous proteases, enzymes that cause the biochemical degradation of collagen and elastin, limiting their activity to what is strictly necessary.



Stable at a pH ranging from 3.5 to 7.5.
It must be incorporated at temperatures that do not exceed 45ºC.
It should not be added to preparations containing cationic surfactants.


Regenerative, anti-wrinkle, healing, soothing, skin lightening, anti-stretch, anti-cellulite, emollient and lenitive.

• Regenerates the skin after wounds and burns or exposure to UV radiation.
• Reduces wrinkles and hides marks and scars.
• Softens the epidermis by its peeling effect.
• Blurs skin spots.
• It has positive effects on stretch marks.
• Acts as an anti-cellulite.
• Helps to control vascular problems.
• Emollient for skin and hair.
• Lenitive factor and cell growth.

The recommended use concentrations are between 2% and 10%.
For very specific treatments the dose can be increased up to 25%.

Conservation: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

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