Calamine (zinc carbonato)


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Calamine has soothing properties that act on the skin when applied topically to give a feeling of freshness that distracts from the itching skin.

In pregnant it is used to treat skin problems caused by pregnancy. Also it helps smooth stretch marks caused by the same.

Use in acne treatments and dry skin is very appreciated, in combination with other essential oils calamine effectively moisturizes the skin and its properties help to have a drying effect on acne and pimples.

Symptoms of insect bites usually involve itching and burning sensation in the area of ​​the bite. With calamine we reduce these effects to almost imperceptible.

Calamine effectively reduces diaper rash and other minor skin problems in babies.


Synonyms: zinc subcarbonate. Calamine.

Description: Mixture of zinc carbonate and zinc hydroxide.

Note: the term BP "calamine" refers to trace zinc carbonate with iron oxide but for USP is zinc oxide with traces of iron oxide.

Physical-Chemical Data: fine white powder soft touch. Practically insoluble in water and in ethanol.

Properties and Uses: It has a mild astringent, absorbing exudates and secretions, and softening, protective topic. It is indicated for the treatment of burns, sunburn, eczema exudative, wounds scarring, pruritus (for its cooling effect), etc ... it is used as creams, powders, lotions and ointments. Usually it associated with keratolytic, other astringents, and antipruritic.

Dosage: is used in a variety of concentrations, up to 40%.

Side effects: At high concentrations or after a long and continued use may cause slight irritation.

Storage: in closed containers. PROTECT FROM LIGHT


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