Tocobiol C - Ecocert.

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INCI: Tocopherol, Beta-Sitosterol, Squalene 

CAS number: 59-02-9 / 16698-35-4 / 54-28-4 / 119-13-1 / 83-46-5 / 111-02-4
EINECS number: 200-412-2 / 240-747-1 / 200-201-5 / 204-299-0 / 201-480-6 / 203-826-1

Only antioxidant on the market such as Tocobiol c. Due to its unique manufacturing process, where no organic solvents are not used, but merely a right combination of temperature and vacuum Tocobiol c is not just a mere mixture of natural tocopherols, but incorporates in its composition other series of substances that are naturally in the final product, such as phytosterols, squalene and mono and diglycerides. The investigation found that these substances have a synergistic effect with tocopherols, so that the antioxidant activity is increased. This means that although the percentage of tocopherols having Tocobiol c is lower than the other concentrates on the market, the antioxidant capacity is much higher. 
Prevents rancidity of oils so more natural and effective than any other tocopherol also cheaper resulting as necessary for high efficiency at very low doses are used. 
In cosmetics the dose used is 0.05-0.1%
Totally natural, approved by Ecocert.
To preserve oils in the soap place hot

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