Titanium Dioxide


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Titanium dioxide

INCI: Titanium dioxide.


Nº CAS: 13463-67-7

P.M.: 79,90 g/mol

The titanium oxide (IV) or titanium dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula TiO2. 
Among other things, it is used in advanced oxidation processes photocatalysed. Furthermore, it is used as white pigment. 
Encoded as CI 77891 when used in cosmetics, and as E171 when used in the food industry. 
The titanium dioxide pigments are mainly used in the production of cosmetics, soaps, textiles, pharmaceuticals and food products. Titanium dioxide pigment is the most commonly used in the world, which provides the final products whiteness, opacity and protection. 
It occurs in nature in several forms: rutile (tetragonal), anatase (octahedral structure) and brookite (orthorhombic structure). 
The rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide are produced industrially in large quantities and are used as pigments. 
Titanium dioxide is of great importance as a white pigment in its dispersing properties, chemical stability and non-toxicity. Titanium dioxide is the most important in terms of world production inorganic pigment. 
The titanium dioxide pigments are also used as UV absorbers in tanning products, soaps, cosmetic powders, creams, toothpaste, cigarette paper and cosmetics. 
Its most important properties are its non-toxicity, compatibility with mucous membranes and skin, and good dispersibility in organic solutions.

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