Rice starch


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INCI: Oryza Sativa Starch

CAS: 9005-25-8 
EINECS-Nº: 232-679-6 
Cosmetic comprising rice starch in composition are indicated generally the most sensitive or those who have been exposed to external aggressions skins. It is a natural powder that soothes, softens and provides a nice touch. 
Use on irritated skin red and is recommended even for the most delicate care, such as children. 
Rice starch in the water bath has a wonderful calming, soothing and cooling effect. 
Rice proteins are nourishing, regenerating, revitalizing and protective effect against external agents. 
Contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals and, therefore, is integrated in formulas for regenerating and recovering youth. 
Turns out the rice has very good properties for the skin, from moisturizers to exfoliants and antioxidant effects. 
Serves to close the pores and balance the oiliness without drying. Creams with rice starch and proteins help protect the skin and protect it from the damage caused by the environment, giving the skin elasticity, restoring and extending the life of your cells. 
Actually the use of rice in cosmetics is nothing new, since formerly women in Asia and knew the benefits of using water with rice washed skin. Practically it is used to remove excess fat in the face, providing providing whiteness and softness to the skin.

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