Zinc oxide

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INCI: CI 77947 - Zinc oxide.

CAS Number: 1314-13-2
No. (EINECS): 215-222-5

Molecular Formula: ZnO
Synonyms: White zinc. Zinc flowers. Cerusa of zinc. Cincita. C.I.-77947.
Physical and Chemical Data: Amorphous white powder or slightly white-yellowish, smooth, free of granular particles. Practically insoluble in water and 96% ethanol, it dissolves in dilute mineral acids.
Molecular Weight: 81.37 g / mol

Zinc oxide is a chemical compound white, is known as zinc white. Its formula is ZnO and is naturally in zincite. It is used as a pigment and mold growth inhibitor in soaps and cosmetics and medical antiseptic ointments. 

Other uses zinc oxide:

Absorbent material is mildly reducing, astringent and keratoplastic. 
Astringent inorganic absorbent material, and employment antiseptic effect in skin diseases. 
In cosmetics can be used to drink powders, bleaching creams, depilatories, antiperspirants, shaving creams, makeup, nail polish, face masks, barrier creams, and eye shadows. 
By its astringent qualities is not recommended for dry skin. 
He is known for offering sun protection making it ideal for sun creams. 
It is a versatile ingredient and has a wide range of uses. 
Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. It is necessary, in smaller quantities, but play an important role in many body functions. It is present in hundreds of enzymes and is actively involved in its operation. In fact, the functioning of the enzyme in all organs of the body including the skin depends on the zinc. It is found in almost all cells and tissues of the body and contributes to the growth, repair and maintenance of cells.

- Solar filters, sunscreens
- Deodorant powders for feet and armpits
- In creams, serum, protective and preventative gels of eczema and anchorages
- In creams, serums, gels, ointments against skin irritations and scarring
- In creams after sunburn

Dosage: Very variable, at 1 - 40%, and even pure.

Side effects: There have been rare cases of skin irritation and granulomatous lesions
Incompatibilities: Acids and their salts.

Remarks: It gradually absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide when exposed to air, becoming hydrogencarbonate. Complies Specifications Ph.Eur., USP-NF The production process of Zinc Oxide is not based on nanotechnology. Does not contain any ingredient defined as nanomaterials according to Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009, art. 2

Storage: In tightly closed containers. PROTECT FROM THE LIGHT.

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