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Oil Karanja Virgin Ecocert

INCI:Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil 

CAS N °: 247588-54-1
EINECS N °: 922-697-9 / 607-434-5

The oil of KARANJA is an organic seed oil of the Virgin Pongamia Glabra. It is obtained from the crushing and pressing of the seeds (Pongamia Glabra).

Our virgin karanja oil is obtained from the organic seminars of Pongamia Glabra. Obtained by crushing and pressing them.
The oil is yellow and transparent, with a very light smell.
Karanja Oil comes from the tree pongolote that grows mainly in India, but also in Southeast Asia, Australia and the USA. UU

This extremely resistant shrub can grow in saline or grow under conditions of extreme drought.

Karanja oil comes from the seeds of pongolote, traditionally used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine.

The seed oil content of seeds varies from 27 to 39%. Its cake is used as a pesticide and fertilizer.

Karanja oil owes its strength to its richness in flavonoids (natural antioxidant) and especially rich in Uplain and Karanjin. Flavonoids make Karanja oil a natural sunscreen. It is also claimed to have anti-aging, softening and antimicrobial properties

It can be applied on all types of skin, but also on the hair, since it nourishes and protects the color by filtering a portion of the UV rays.

Karanja oil is a natural antioxidant. Absorbs part of the UV rays: it increases the photoprotection and expands the UV spectrum of sun protection products, especially with UVB rays.

Its photoprotective properties were evaluated and tested by the Hélioscience Laboratory (specialized in the evaluation of sun protection). An SPF of about 20 in vivo was measured for pure oil.

Karanja oil enhances the power of synthesis or inorganic filters, and thus reduces its amount. Karanja oil shows broad UV absorption in a large band at 285-380 nm and can be a complementary UV filter

Protects against UVB
It has UVB and absorbing properties
To cure skin diseases
Karanja oil is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used in leather clothing, soap making and lubricant manufacturing. Karanja oil is rich in Karanjin and is known for its medicinal and cosmetic virtues.
It is often used to fight skin diseases: vitiligo, scabies, herpes and leucoderma.
Antibacterial properties
Anti-aging properties
Anti-inflammatory properties
Healing effect of dermatitis

Applications in cosmetics:
Sun care: sun lotion, day moisturizer, purifying mask
Hair care: Conditioner
Texturing agent: film, soft touch

SAP KOH index: 183.00
SAP NaOH Index: 130.48

Recommended doses:

1 to 80% in facial use
1 to 30% in body use
1 to 5% in children's products

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