Extract from Granada HG / ECO

Extract from Granada HG / ECO

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Extract from Granada HG / ECO

INCI: Punica Granatum hydroglycerin extract

Cosmetic Degree

Glycerin: (CAS number: 56-81-5 / EINECS number: 200-289-5) =%> 39.9%
Aqua: (CAS number: 7732-18-5 / EINECS number: 231-791-2) =%> 39.9%
*Punica Granatum Fruit Extract (CAS number 84961-57-9 / EINECS number: 284-646-0) =% <20%

*Complex natural substance (100% pure and natural). Product obtained from organic farming certified by Asoc CAAE ES-ECO-001-AN.

Appearance Liquid: pink to reddish amber
Odor: Characteristic
Specific Gravity (25 ° C) 1,015-1,035
Refractive index (25 ° C) 1.3915-1.3975

High level of polyphenols, anthocyanins, ellagic acid (retinol) and punicinic acid.
Helps fight against free radicals and skin aging. Suitable for dry, devitalized skin, for the treatment of wrinkles and for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Estrogenic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties of keratin production.

Skin Benefits
• Strong anti-inflammatory active for sensitive and atopic skin
• Very high antioxidant activity

Rate of use: 1.0 - 10.0%


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