Saffron Extract HG/ECO

Saffron Extract HG/ECO

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Saffron Extract HG/ECO 

INCI: Crocus Sativus Hydroglycerin extract and glicerin and water

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hydro-Glycerinated Saffron Extract

Glycerin: (CAS number: 56-81-5 / EINECS number: 200-289-5) =%> 39.9%
Aqua: (CAS number: 7732-18-5 / EINECS number: 231-791-2) =%> 39.9%
* Crocus Sativus extract (CAS number: 84604-17-1 / EINECS number 283-295-0) =% <20%
* Complex natural substance (100% pure and natural). Product obtained from organic farming certified ES-ECO-027-RI EU AGRICULTURE

ASPECT: Characteristic color liquid
ODOR: Characteristic

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: crocín, zeaxanthin, lycopene and several α- and β-carotenes.


- With antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties
- With anti-inflammatory and anti-stain function
- With the function of sterilization, cleaning and firming the skin.
- Moisturizes, cleans and leaves skin free of impurities and acne

- Suitable for cosmetics,
-    hair care,
-    personal care.

DOSAGE: 3 to 5%

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