Extract of Ortiga Verde (HG)

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Extract of Ortiga Verde (HG)

INCI: Glycerin, Urtica Dioica leaf l. ext f l. water

Cosmetic Degree

Glycerin: (CAS number: 56-81-5 / EINECS number: 200-289-5) =%> 39.9%
Aqua: (CAS number: 7732-18-5 / EINECS number: 231-791-2) =%> 39.9%
* Urtica Dioica leaf l. Extract (CAS number 84012-40-8 / EINECS number: 281-685-5) =% <20%

Rich in vitamins B2, B5, plus folic acid and minerals (iron, silica, magnesium, zinc), phytosterols and phenols.

Beautifies and cleanses the skin, it is indicated in cutaneous affections like acne, eczema, even psoriasis. It is recommended against dandruff, for rinsing as a conditioner and, very often, against hair loss.

Uses and properties of green nettle extract:
- hair fall products
- Hair tonics for dandruff
- products to treat psoriasis and eczema
- liquid or solid shampoos and conditioners
- body creams and exfoliants

Rate of use: 1.0 - 10.0%


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