Texapon N40


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Texapon N 40

INCI Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Nº CAS:  68891-38-3

COLOR Straw yellow
DESCRIPTION: Aqueous solution of sodium lauryl sulphate stabilized with formaldehyde.
SOLUBILITY: Completely miscible with water.

pH (10%) 6.4-7.5
VISCOSITY 3500-5000 mPa.s

Used in shampoos and foaming bath preparations, it is indifferent to the various water hardness, even at low temperatures does not lose its foaming power.

For excellent wetting and emulsifying properties and its high skin compatibility is a leading raw material, both for cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical use.

Its high skin compatibility and wettability make it widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, supports most of the additives and can be mixed with other surfactants, especially Tegobetaine, this ingredient softens much the final preparation and reduces power Texapon irritant n40

Very easy to add color and aroma,

Dosage of 25 to 50% in bath gels, shampoos and liquid soaps. .

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