Coconut diethanolamide ( DEA )


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Coconut diethanolamide Diethanolamine (DEA)


Description: Amides, coconut, N, N-bis (hydroxyethyl)

CAS # 68603-42-9
EC # 271-657-0 / 931-329-6

CHARACTERISTICS: Transparent yellowish liquid with an inherent characteristic odor
FATTY ACIDS <= 0.5% (Free fatty acid)
ESTERS 4.0 - 8.0%
AMIDE 77.0 - 84.0 %
APPEARANCE Yellowish liquid
pH 9.0 - 11.0


Coconut diethanolamide Diethanolamine (DEA) is an organic chemical compound but is also considered as a secondary amine as a diol as well as other amines, diethanolamine acts as a weak base.

Diethanolamine surfactant is classified as an organic chemical compound, emulsifying, wetting and solubilizing.
Diethanolamine is a variant of the ethanolamine which, when subjected to temperatures above room temperature, is readily miscible with water, characterized by a clear viscous liquid as ethanolamine, although it does reduce the intensity of the smell. It is a higrscópico liquid is also miscible in water but not in benzene. Diethanolamine can be classified in various ways, such as: Diethanolamine Cocamide Diethanolamine coconut oil diethanolamine lauryl Diethanolamine can be used for various uses and applications, such as: The production of raw detergent materials, Manufacture of pharmaceuticals or of household products as a moisturizer in cosmetics as stabilizing pH4



Topically, at 1-5% to increase viscosity and 1-10% to stabilize foam in shampoos and detergents.

Store in a cool, dark place, away from light. Store at a temperature not exceeding 30ºC

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