SLES (Sodium lauryl sulfate)


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Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLES)

INCI: Sodium laureth sulfate.

Cas Nº: 68891-38-3

EC # 221-416-0

It is a detergent surfactant found in many personal care products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste) is an effective foaming agent.

It is a surfactant used in cosmetic products by high cleaning power and emulsifier

This product is capable even at low temperatures to develop their foaming power
Its high compatibility with the skin and its moisturizing and emulsifying capacity make it one of the raw materials used in cosmetic products

The SLES can be mixed with a large number of detergent substances in any proportion and also other active substances and special additives

The SLES at appropriate concentrations is considered safe for health

The administration of the OSHA occupational health and safety, international agency in the IARC cancer research have come to the conclusion that the product is not carcinogenic

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