Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate (LST)


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Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate (LST)

Synonyms: Tylamine lauryl sulfate. Triethanolamine dodecyl sulfate.

INCI: TEA-lauryl sulfate.

Molecular Formula: C18H41NO7S

Molecular Weight: 415.59

Physical and Chemical Data:
Viscous liquid, limpid, foamy, yellowish, with a slight odor.

Properties and uses:
It is an anionic surfactant from the group of sulfated fatty alcohols, with a high value of HLB = 34. It forms anionic O / W emulsions. It has excellent foaming and solubilizing power, which facilitates its use in liquid soaps or children's shampoos, with the drawback of the difficulty of increasing the viscosity of the
Products prepared with triethanolamine salts.

It can be used at acid pH without reducing its detergent and foaming power.
By introducing the triethanolamine molecule, it gives them a certain emollient character, being less aggressive than sodium lauryl sulphate.

Side effects: Irritating to skin and eyes.

Precautions: Do not overheat, as it may give off toxic vapors.

Storage: In tightly closed containers. PROTECTING THE LIGHT

Triethanolamide lauryl sulphate is an anionic surfactant from the group of sulfated fatty alcohols, with a high HLB = 34 value.


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