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Coco Pea.Soft (mild lipoprotein surfactant)

INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Water
CAS No.: 2185810-13-1 / 7732-18-5
EINECS/ELINCS No.: 231-791-2

Origin: Lipoprotein surfactant containing coconut fatty acids and pea proteins.
Appearance: Clear to slightly opalescent liquid
Smell: caracteristica
pH: 6.00 - 7.00
Dry residue (at 105°C): 28.00 - 32.00%

Coco Pea.Soft is an innovative proposal in the world of surfactants: it is a lipoprotein surfactant obtained by the condensation of coconut fatty acids and hydrolyzed pea proteins. Its high tolerability and mildness, together with its good cleansing and foaming properties, make Coco Pea.Soft a good alternative to soy and wheat derivatives.
As pea proteins have an amino acid profile similar to that of keratin, they are able to evenly wrap the hair, creating a protective film that reduces the aggressiveness of other surfactants. Coco Pea.Soft can also be used as a primary functional surfactant as it does not alter the skin.

Main features
• Primary surfactant with good cleaning action
• Secondary surfactant that reduces the aggressiveness of traditional surfactants.
• Suitable for the most delicate skins
• Good foaming power
• Biodegradable
• Preservative free

Indicated for:
The product can be used in combination with other surfactants, mixing at room temperature.

It is mainly used for the production of hair and body care products, such as:
* shampoos,
* bath gels,
*liquid soaps,
*cleansing lotions and
*baby care products that are gentle on the skin

The product is stable when stored under normal conditions. Any turbidity may occur as a result of prolonged storage at low temperature; this phenomenon does not alter the characteristics of the product. The turbidity disappears simply by slightly heating the product to about 30°

Compatible with all substances normally used in cosmetics
Dosage: 5-20%

Storage: Keep the product in a cool place away from light. Store in an airtight container. do not freeze

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