Lanet wax

Lanet wax

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INCI:Cetearyl alcohol,sodium cetearyl sulfate.

The Lanet wax is a emulsifiable base, which is used as consistency agent and in combination with other emulsifiers to make emulsions both O / W and W / O to neutral. 

It is used in creams, ointments and other topical and oral pharmaceutical preparations, as viscosity agent and emulsion stabilizer. 
Emollient and emulsifying wax cosmetic eleboración. 
Composition: mixture of higher saturated fatty alcohols, consisting of approximately equal parts of cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. 
Description: Small white waxy lentils with weak characteristic odor. 
Melting point: 48-52 ° C. 
Recommended dosage: 
- 3% light emulsions. 
- 5% creams of normal texture. 
- 10% Creams dense.

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