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Rice Wax

INCI: Oryza Sativa Bran Wax

CAS No. 8016-60-2
EC No. 232-409-7

It is obtained from the hydrogenation of the oil extracted from the rice by cold pressure.

It is the alternative wax to that of bees of more widespread use in cosmetics. Increases the viscosity and hardness of cosmetic preparations.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals, regulating sebaceous secretion, moisturizing, emollient (softening) and healing of the skin.

Invigorating and promoting hair growth by stimulating its natural keratin.

Melting Point ° C 75-80
Color <10
Iodine Index <13
Acidity Index mg KOH / g - <15
Saponification Index mg KOH / g 85.3
Wax content%> 95
Oil Content% 0-5
Humidity% 0-1
Impurity% 0-2
Arsenic Ppm - <3
Lead Ppm - <3
Shape - Yellow Pearl

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