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Essential Oil of Mint

INCI: Mentha arvensis herb Oil 

CAS Nº: 90063-97-1 

EINECS/ELINCS Nº: 290-058-5 

This herb belongs to the Labiatae family. 
The essential oil is extracted from the whole plant. The plant canopy provides the best oil. It is grown in China, England, throughout Europe and the United States. England has a great reputation for providing the finest mint oils. 
Other essential oils that work well with him are: benzoin, cedarwood, lemon, myrrh, rosemary (remember to use rosemary moderation and never during pregnancy) and tea tree. 
It is a very powerful essential oil, in part because of its cellular composition and partly because of its aroma. 
Skin: An important to reduce inflammation, irritation and blotches help. The ashen skin of smokers or chronically ill regain its splendor. Fat or acne, helps reduce congestion skins. 
Hair: is an important and stimulate the scalp to loosen flakes dandruff and eczema tool. 
Nails: its ability to oxygenate the area, helps nails regain a healthy color. 

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