Lactic acid


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CAS Nº: 50-21-5

EINECS/ ELINCS Nº: 200-018-0

DESCRIPTION: Colorless or yellowish liquid, almost odorless, syrupy consistency, with acid taste, formed by a mixture of lactic acid and lactate of lactic acid.

SOLUBILITY: Miscible in water

Molecular Weight: 90.08
Density: 1.20 - 1.21 g / ml.

Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that forms part of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. It is important in the process of physiological desquamation of the stratum corneum, controlling its correct development and avoiding hyperkeratinization.

It has actions similar to acetic acid, and has been used similarly in the treatment of various skin infections and some vaginal disorders.
Topically and commonly associated with salicylic acid is used in the therapy of warts, in the form of collodions.

Due to its ability to hydrate and acidify the stratum corneum, it is used in cases of xerosis, ichthyosis, dry skin, skin exfoliation, steatosis, excessive skin peeling, and hyperkeratosis.

In neonates it has application as a bactericidal agent.

It is also found as a preservative and acidulant agent in spermicidal gels.

It is an acid that forms naturally from fermentation of milk, sugar cane and apples. It also appears in some metabolic processes. 

Of the total lactic acids are produced naturally has separated one called L-Lactic once treated it as a cosmetic applied. 
Lactic acid is used as the widest use of glycerin as a softener alternative. 
It is mainly used as a chemical antiging to smooth contours; reduce damage from sunlight; to improve texture and skin tone, and overall appearance. It is also used to lower the pH in cosmetic preparations.
Finally, it is used to bring to physiological pH different pharmaceutical and cosmetic forms, such as shampoos, emulsions, soapy lotions, etc.
Rich 81-85%

Dosage: Topical route, 0.5-5% as a moisturizing agent, 5-10% as Anti-wrinkle or peeling agent, 10% as a bactericidal agent in neonates, and> 10% for the treatment of warts and yperkeratosis. Vaginal route, 2% as antiseptic. At 1 - 2% in spermicidal products. As an acidifying agent, 0.015 - 6.6%.

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