Red wine powder extract 40% polifenoles


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Red wine extract powder 40% polyphenols

INCI: Wine extract

Food grade
Specification: 30%OPC;30%Polyphenols;30%resveratrol
Appearance: Purple red powder

Red wine, beyond being a appreciated drink, has proven to have exceptional skin care properties. In particular, red wine powder extract with 40% polyphenols has been positioned as a revolutionary ingredient in modern cosmetics. Thanks to companies like La Despensa del Sobón, which are dedicated to distributing high-quality raw materials, it is possible to incorporate this extract in the production of cosmetic products and take advantage of its multiple benefits.


1. Introduction to Red Wine Extract Powder

Red wine powder extract with 40% polyphenols is a food-grade ingredient that stands out for its rich composition and benefits for the skin. Its specification includes 30% OPC, 30% polyphenols and 30% resveratrol, which makes it a powerful antioxidant ally.


2. Characteristics of the Extract

Appearance: It appears as a purple-red powder.

Functionality: This extract is moisturizing, protective and enhances skin functions. It is recommended in exfoliating, anti-aging, anti-stretch mark, anti-inflammatory treatments, among others. In addition, it is useful in hair products against dandruff, oily hair and anti-hair loss lotions.

3. Benefits of Red Wine Extract Powder in Cosmetics

  • Powerful antioxidant: The polyphenols in red wine have an antioxidant action up to 50 times greater than vitamin E and 30 times more than vitamin C.
  • Prevention of aging: Correct use of polyphenols derived from grapes prevents cellular aging, hydrates the skin and promotes microcirculation.
  • Rejuvenating effect: Tones muscles, providing a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


4. Applications in Cosmetic Products

Red wine powder extract is versatile and can be incorporated into:

  • Circulatory and anti-cellulite creams: Providing antioxidant benefits and promoting microcirculation.
  • Facial creams: Blurring wrinkles, providing elasticity and firmness.
  • Hair products: Helping in treatments against dandruff and hair loss.
  • Bath bombs and soaps: Enriching these products with their antioxidant and rejuvenating properties.


5. Mode of Use and Dosage

To use the powdered extract in liquid products, it is recommended to dissolve 10 grams of extract in 100 ml of water. In soap making, the recommended use rate is 4% in the powder trace. For creams, up to 2% can be incorporated into the aqueous powder phase.



Red wine powder extract with 40% polyphenols is an innovative ingredient that is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics. Its antioxidant, regenerating and rejuvenating properties make it an essential component for those looking for natural and effective products. Thanks to committed companies like La Despensa del Sobón, it is possible to access this high-quality ingredient and take advantage of all its benefits in skin and hair care.



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