Kojic Acid


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Kojic acid:

INCI : 5-hidroxi-2-hidroximetil-4-pirona 

N. CAS: 501-30-4
N. CE: 207-922-4

Do I of koji, a Japanese seta blanqueantes known for its properties. Suitable for Pieles con manchas brown producidas by hormonal disorders or repeated sun exposure Because the ending modificando pigmentation of the skin.

Inhibe tyrosinase (Key enzyme in the production of melanin), but without being toxic to the cell histiocytosis como otros Depigmenting matan that the melanocytes, the con riesgo de dejar a white Mancha.

Kojic acid is one of the most efectivas substances that Conoco in tratamiento de las manchas the skin.

It also is used in the medical industry to eliminate radicals that books ya un buen antioxidant. This class of nutrients Tienen the capacity to resist los efectos of particles in the air caller books radicals, which cause Tienen daño oxidative potential of NK cells in the skin. To be effective in limiting the radicals books, kojic acid ayuda prevent the formation of Signoria envejecimiento that cuando las Producer Producer histiocytosis that structural protein of the skin is vital Danan. Algunos dermatologists recomiendan the use of kojic acid concentrations moderate to examine defectos of acne.

The kojic acid is also an anti-bacterial agent, meaning that it interferes with the processes for bacteria perform Crecer y deben reproducirse. To alter these processes, kojic acid by bacteria causes muerte. Algunos dermatologists recomiendan the use of kojic acid concentrations moderate to examine defectos of acne, which menudo are caused by bacterial infections in the pores.

Elevadas concentrations of kojic acid are very irritating, so that there tener caution.

When is a sigue con tratamiento kojic acid u otro despigmentante not debemos exponernos sun Volvo to leave ya las manchas.

Dose: 0.5 to 5% of total

Physical Data-Químicos: Polvo crystalline beige. Quite soluble in water and soluble in ethanol. Point of fusion: 153-154 ºC.

From the Discovery of kojic acid, must be reported on the security studios contradictorios a largo plazo del ingredient. Los resultados in clinical trials have algunos Established tie between the ingredient and Some forms of cancer, mientras otros that have encontrado that kojic acid has no efectos carcinogenic. Los expertos Generally agreed that the carcinogenic properties of kojic acid would only be problematic if cuerpo del cantidad exhibits a great ingredient. These exceed enormemente niveles de la cantidad kojic acid that is in realidad de productos in care of the skin.


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