Alcohol denat ( Etanol Absoluto )


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Alcohol Denat

INCI: Alcohol denat, Benzalkonium chloride, Dietyl phathalate, Aqua, Denatonium benzoate.

N. CAS: 84-66-2
N. EC: 201-550-6


Benzalconium Chloride 0.1% - Aqua 0.1% - Alcohol Denat 99.5% - Denatonium Benzoate 2ppm - Diethyl Ftalate 0.3%

Alcoholic degree: 99.3º - 99.9º ± Avoid.
Denaturing phthalate: min. 0.30% V / V *
Desnat Denatonium benzoate: min. 2% ppm
Benzalkonium Chloride: 0.1%
Total acidity: <40 mg / l acetic acid
Permanganate test: sup. 20 minutes
Methanol: <20 mg / l

Higher alcohols: <50 mg / l

Aldehydes: <20 mg / l
Benzene: <20 mg / l
Total Volatile impurities: <300 mg / l
Furfural: n.d.
Dry residue: <60 mg / l
pH: 7.0 - 7.2
Density: 0.791 - 0.789 g / cm3
Freezing point: -114.0 ºC
Flash point: 14.0 ºC
Ethanol boiling point: 78.3 ºC
Ethanol auto ignition point: 365 ºC
Refractive index: 1,360 - 1,359 (20 ºC)
Viscosity: 0.014 Poises (15 ºC)
Vapor pressure: 59.2 mbar at (20 ºC)
Specific heat: 0.632 cal / g
Solubility: completely soluble in water


Ethyl (or ethanol) Alcohol on the labeling of cosmetic products like Alcohol Denat, according to his official INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), which corresponds to the abbreviation of "denatured alcohol". Alcohol has been in use since the origin of the cosmetic for maceration, extraction, solutions ... Actually, in the cosmetic sector and not pure alcohol used, but mixed with denaturing agents of very bitter taste, which prevents their use as alcoholic beverage .


Classic Ingredient

In most cosmetics that contain this ingredient is used as solvent of the active or other components of the formula by chemical characteristics that are not soluble in water. In other products is included for its astringent properties (for treatment of oily) or, more sporadic, to modify viscosity of a formulation or enhance the absorption of creams; much also used as a preservative for its biocidal capacity.

Among the cosmetic normally include alcohol in their formulas apart from perfumes and colognes, of course- found fastening products for hair, as lacquers, hair gels or hair mousses; is also normal to appear on products aftershave lotions and acne, dandruff and against hair loss. Many deodorants include denat alcohol in its composition as well, but more specifically, certain emulsions.

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