Vaseline oil

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Oil vaseline or Desmoldante


CAS # 8012-95-1 / 8042-47-5 
EC # 232-384-2 / 232-455-8 

Liquid release agent, suitable for Candles, Lanterns and soaps.

Over a hundred years ago mineral oils used in cosmetics
They are colorless, odorless, slightly irritating, low toxicity, no rust, are inexpensive and are kept in good condition; why mineral oils are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, among others. They work great as carrier or excipient for cosmetic active agents, which allows these act in the best conditions.

In dermatology are considered safe and hygienic components for its low penetration in the skin, that is, more or less desirable depending on the disease and type of skin, but in no case negative.

mineral oils undergo a refining process to obtain highly purified material. In fact, to those derived from pure oil and most refined.

Non-toxic, colorless and odorless.

Is not rancid over time.

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