Potash potassium hydroxide

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INCI: Potassium Hydroxide

Nº CAS: 1310-58-3

Nº EINECS: 215-181-3

Potassium hydroxide of high purity, indicated in soaps liquid soaps and cream.

Wealth 97%

Potash has three main uses: fertilizer, food supplements for livestock and industrial processes. 95% of world potash is used in fertilizers. Potash is a key ingredient in fertilizers that enhance water retention in plants, increases crop yield and resistance to plant disease. To ensure the growth of healthy and nutritious plants, an adequate supply of potassium should be kept on the ground by the judicious use of fertilizers and manures and no environmental risks associated with this nutrient. In fact, potash makes a positive contribution to the environment by balancing other nutrients, especially nitrates, to ensure that they are taken up by plants and used effectively to avoid losses that could be harmful. In dietary supplements, the key function of potash is to contribute to the growth of animals and milk production. Potash is also used to produce glass, ceramics, soaps, etc.

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