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INCI: Coco Betaine

CAS # 61789-40-0
EC # 263-058-8 / 931-296-8
Coco Betaine - 33%
Aqua to 100%

Appearance at 25 ° C (zsi-am-53) clear liquid
Color (zsi-am-53) colorless to light yellow
Weak odor characteristic (zsi-am-72)
pH (sol. 5% at 25 ° C) 6.0 - 8.0
Active matter (zsi-am-23)% 29.0 - 33.0
Water content (zsi-am-05)% 60.0 - 64.0
Chlorides (as NaCl) (zsi-am-07)% 6.5 - 7.5
Preservative (zsi-am-24) absent
Free amine (zsi-am 165)% 0.0 - 0.4
Chloroacetic acid (zsi-am-10) ppm 0-100
Dichloroacetic acid (zsi-am-10) ppm 0-100
Glycolic acid (zsi-am-10)% 0.00 - 2.00
Total microbial counts (zsi-am-19) cfu / g 0-1

Coconut betaine is a naturally occurring amphoteric surfactant (derived from coconut). Improves lather and has antistatic properties in hair care. It is often used in natural products with decyl glucoside (non-ionic surfactant) and coco glucoside (non-ionic surfactant). It is authorized in organic products

Properties and uses of coconut betaine:

  • Antistatic: Reduces static electricity by neutralizing the electrical charge on a surface
  • Cleaning agent: Helps maintain a clean surface
  • Synergist moss: Improves the quality of the foam produced by increasing one or more of the following properties: volume, texture and / or stability
  • Hair conditioner: Leaves hair easy to comb, flexible, soft and shiny and / or gives volume, lightness and shine
  • Skin care agent: Keeps skin in good condition
  • Surfactant: Reduces the surface tension of cosmetics and contributes to the uniform distribution of the product when used
  • Viscosity Control Agent: Increases or decreases the viscosity of cosmetics

Dosage: Topical route, usually 7-15% in combination with anionic surfactants.

Conservation: In well closed containers. PROTECT FROM LIGHT.

Coconut Betaine - 100% plant-based surfactant (made from coconut oil)

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