Polawax NF

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Polawax wax NF

INCI: Cetearyl alcohol and polysorbate 60

Type: self-emulsifying wax.


CETEARYL ALCOHOL ≥ 50% CAS Nº 67762-27-0 EINECS / ELINCS Nº. 267-008-6
POLYSORBATE 60 ≥10% ≤25% CAS No. 9005-57-8

Visual appearance at 25 ° C: Copos
Ivory color
Water (K.F.) 1.0% Max
Acid value 2.0 max
Hydroxyl number 183 - 200
Saponification value 9-12 mg KOH / g

It is a self-emulsifying wax widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. It allows the creation of very fine creams, with a thickness and an excellent texture and a high stability in a wide range of pH and temperature.

The wax polawax nf or wax nº 1 produces in the emulsion, liquid crystals and laminar structures, thus promoting long-term hydration and the progressive release of the active principle.

This self-emulsifier, allows the formation and stability in the emulsions for a long period of time.

Composition: association of vegetable origin (cetearyl alcohol), fatty alcohol and a derivative of sugar (sorbitan) esterified ethoxylated fatty alcohol plant.

Origin: Produced from raw materials of vegetable origin.


Uses for the emulsifying wax NF include (but are not limited to):
Skin care
Hair care
The use is a rate of 2-20%.

The typical usage rate for lotions is 2-5%. Creams, 5-7%. Thick body butter, 10-15%.


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