Parsley extract HG

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Roots, stems, leaves and seeds: all parts are used. 
The most important compounds are: 
- Flavonoids (apiína, luteolin, apigenin and its glycosides) 
- Essential oil (apiol, myristicin) 
- Coumarins (bergapten, imperatorina) 
- Vitamin C 
This is a beneficial herb for the skin, it is true that it is an herb used in cosmetics to little when developing nutritional care and hydration of skin creams, but that does not mean you can not use it. 
Noted for its astringent effect, which means that it is a useful herb in the natural treatment of various skin problems in which peeling occurs, such as eczema or psoriasis. 
It is also useful for its healing effect, so it helps heal superficial wounds. 
Very useful and insect bites and as atenúate of skin stains, ideal for eye contour wrinkles and bags.

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