Hypericum extract


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INCI: Glycerin,Aqua, Hypericum Perforatum Extract

CAS number(s): 56-81-5, 7732-18-5, 84082-80-4 2.3.

EINECS number: 200-289-5, 231-791-2, 282-026-4

The St. John's Wort can be found in many countries. This herb, also known as St. John's Wort, Wort, Wort, Herba de Sant Joan, the pericó Herba, Herba foradada, Pericó, Asiki-belar, Epai-belar, Hostoargal, Likurusna, Herba-de-Sao-Joao is perennial nature; the beginning of flowering coincides with the end of the spring season, there comes one of the most popular names, as it relates to the famous Night of San Juan. The part used is the flower, which is achieved, inter alia, a strong medicinal extract. 
Naphthodianthrones: Hypericin, pseudohypericin, Isohipericina, Prohipericina. 
Flavonoids: hyperoside, Rutoside, Quercitrósido, Isoquercitrósido. 
Bisflavonas: caffeic acid derivatives, proanthocyanidols. 
Essential oil: tannins, phytosterols, Coumarins 
Hypericum extract is a solution that can be made with either alcohol or vegetable glycerin, wherein the plant extract is mixed, in this case the wort. This is done in order to obtain a concentrate with the active ingredients of the plant. This can be administered orally or topically. 
Beware of excess: The photo-sensitivity is a side effect of St. John's wort.

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Precio con IVA incluido

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