Sodium carbonate couple household products


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Sodium carbonate

INCI: Sodium carbonate.

CAS # 497-19-8
EC # 207-838-8

Sodium carbonate is a powder of small white crystals soluble in water we can use easily and conveniently to produce homemade products, organic and natural cleaning

Sodium carbonate clean and degrease is also commonly known as tumbleweed, natron, soda and soda (not to be confused with caustic soda)

This is a product found in nature and can be obtained in laboratory

Sodium carbonate in cleaning products

Sodium carbonate is commonly used in the manufacture of detergents, dishwasher and all kinds of soaps intended for general cleaning


• Sodium carbonate is useful in processes in which the adjustment of the pH of different solutions, such as:
• In the water treatment industry and in flotation processes.
• Ceramics, soaps, cleaners, hard water softener, oil refining, aluminum production, textiles, pulp and paper.
• metallurgical processing, pharmaceutical preparation, caustic soda, sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate and various other uses.
• Sodium carbonate and its derivatives are used to lower the melting point of silicon and better able to work it also provides the solid required to form the network. This is used for roasting chrome and other extracts and reduces sulfur and phosphorus smelting and steel.
• In the manufacture of detergents, sodium carbonate is essential in the formulations in order to ensure proper operation of other constituent substances, enzymes, surfactants, during the different phases of washing.

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