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INCI:Propylene glycol, aqua, Ruscus aculeatus root extract

Nº CAS:  57-55-6 / 7732-18-5 / 84012-38-4

Nº EINECS:  200-338-0, 231-791-2, 281-682-9

The ruscus is revealed as a great relief for heavy legs, tingling or tendency for the feet and hands to sleep.

Furthermore, it is diuretic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, astringent and widely used in skin problems such as couperosis. It is also widely used against cellulite, for all its properties. In conclusion, the butcher's broom is ideal for any type of problem, related to the bloodstream.

At the time of collection of rusco what is most interesting are the roots (that should be put out to dry as soon as possible).

In the rhizome and roots of the broom are saponins, potassium salts, flavonoids, resins and essential oil. Saponins confer an anti-inflammatory action and venotónica.

Synonyms: Rusco. Abrupt. Ruscus aculeatus L.

Physical-Chemical Data Extract Ruscus

Clear liquid, brown - beige, characteristic odor. Density: 1.050 to 1.077 g / ml. Refractive index: 1.3900 to 1.4200. Ratio drug / extract: 1: 2.

Properties and uses Ruscus extract:

Ruscus derivatives are obtained from the rhizome and roots of the plant.
The active principles found are: saponósidos with steroidal aglycone (ruscogenine and neo-ruscogenine), potassium salts, flavonoids (rutin, hesperidósido), resin and essential oil.

The saponosides them confer derivatives abrupt and highly venotónica an anti-inflammatory action. Flavonoids, meanwhile, have a diuretic, anti-edema and capillary protector (vitamin P) effect.

They are indicated in the treatment of varicose veins, edema, Recovery post-phlebitis, haemorrhoids, capillary fragility, chilblain, states that require increased diuresis, and urinary disorders (cystitis, ureteritis, urethritis, oliguria or urolithiasis), hiperazotemia, hyperuricemia , gout, hypertension, edema and overweight accompanied by fluid retention. It is also indicated for the treatment of dysmenorrhea and adnexitis.


topically in ointments to 2 to 10% Glycolic extract (1: 5)


In closed containers. PROTECT FROM LIGHT. In the case of dry extract, in addition to protect from moisture.

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