Emulsifying Wax BTMS

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Emulsifying Wax BTMS

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate


CAS Nª:81646-13-1 / 241148-21-0

EINECS Nª :279-791-1

BTMS emulsifying wax is very suitable for the production of cosmetic products for hair care, but also for soft creams, lotions or makeup. It is particularly suitable for making shampoos and hair conditioners for their ability to detangle. It also provides viscosity, stickiness and smoothness to hair care products.

It does not irritate the skin or mucous membranes and reduces the pH of the preparations. Suitable for all types of hair, especially long hair, curly and frizzy. Helps strengthen hair, keep it shiny and smooth. Has an affinity for hair keratin, it reduces static effect observed when brushing.

Soft primary cationic emulsifier, type O / W (oil in water emulsion) and unethoxylated. As a cationic emulsifier, it is incompatible with strong anionic surfactants.

Emulsifying wax uses BTMS
• Shampoos,
• Conditioners,
• Serums
• Respirators,
• hair tonics,
• Shower gel.

It add to the oil phase in hot (approx. 70 ° C) is melted at 55 ° C
Dosage: 2-10% depending on the desired consistency

After use, close it again very well and store in a dry, dark place.

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