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Poppy seed BIO


CAS Nº: 84650-40-8
EC Nº: 283-510-8



Ingredients: 100% poppy seed - Product from organic farming.



Poppy, Papaver rhoeas, have seeds that are highly appreciated both in cooking and for medicinal use. Its flavor is very soft and reminiscent of nuts.

Poppies are widespread in Eurasia and North Africa where they are used for the production of cosmetics.

The common poppy, does not contain addictive substances. Contains mucilage, which give excellent properties for the respiratory system, it is soothing and antitussive, and problems being used in cough, asthma, bronchitis, etc. In addition, herbal medicine is well known for its sedative properties, in cases of insomnia or nervous disorders.

The common poppy is completely safe and has no toxicity, being widely used in herbal treatments for insomnia, and the seeds are even used in making bread and pastries.

In the skin, the poppy is used to avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles, to treat conjunctivitis and their seeds are highly valued as an exfoliant.

They are an excellent natural exfoliant.

Poppy is used to avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles and to treat conjunctivitis and widely used in soaps and cosmetics.

Our poppy seeds are an organic product from organic farming.

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