Zinc Gluconate

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Zinc gluconate

INCI: Zinc Gluconate

CAS number: 4468-02-4

Nº EINECS: 224-736-9


P.M: 455.68

Origin / Nature: Assets of mineral origin

DESCRIPTION: White or almost white powder or granules with an astringent taste and smell.

SOLUBILITY: Soluble in water, very little soluble in alcohol.

Gluconate acts as an astringent and seboregulator agent. It is a substance that acts as anti-aging by stimulating the renewal of the collagen matrix. It provides immunomodulation, DNA protection and calming effect. In addition, it tightens the pores and offers an anti-porous effectiveness. Zinc provides antiseptic properties, allows keratogenicity and is a cofactor of enzymes involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. It is also found in the formulation of anti-acne preparations and cosmetic products.

In cosmetics and personal care products, gluconic acid and its derivatives can be used in the formulation of mouth rinses, bath products, cleaning products, skin care products and shampoo.

Destined to elaborate:
• Anti-acne products
• Anti-aging products
• Astringent products
• Softening products
• Skin soothing products
• Protective products of the dermis

WEALTH 97.0 - 102.0%
WATER = <11.6%
CHLORIDE = <0.05%
SULPHATES = <0.05%
ARSENIC = <3 ppm
LEAD = <10.0 ppm
CADMIUM = <5.0 ppm
pH 5.5-7.5

Dosage: 0.1% - 1%

Conservation: In tightly closed containers. PROTECT FROM LIGHT AND MOISTURE


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