Calendula Oil

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Calendula Oil

INCI: Calendula officinalis (caléndula) Flower Oil

CAS Nº: 84776-23-8 / 70892-20-5

EC Nº: 283-949-5

Oil marinated in sunflower oil

Calendula officinalis is a plant also known as Marigold, Buttercup or Crown King. It grows wild in all seasons; measuring about 50 cm in height and color of flowers ranges from light yellow to a deep orange. It is a plant already used in ancient Hindus and the Arabs for its many properties as a medicinal herb.
Calendula petals are edible and are used as decoration of some dishes.

There are multiple properties that have calendula oil, including highlight:

• Improves texture dry or chapped skin.
• Reduces inflammation of the tissues.
• Improves skin circulation.
• It is healing and detoxifying.
• moisturizes and gives elasticity to the skin.

Calendula oil is indicated for:

• warts helps her disappearance.
• Ulcers: helps form healthy tissue.
• Acne: desinflama the skin and prevents acne breakouts.
• Burns: especially those produced by the sun.
• Insect bites and even jellyfish.
• dry scaly skin: It is very moisturizing and help the skin to regain its freshness.


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