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Horsetail dehydrated plant

INCI: Equisetum arvense L

CAS No. 71011-23-9 

EINECS-ELINCS No.: 275-123-8



• Botanical name (s): Equisetum arvense L
• Family: Equisetaceae
• Parts used: Leaves, stems


Skin: If for something is consented this plant is for its great benefits that it contributes to the skin. Its high content of silicon helps to maintain and recover the health of the connective tissue that forms the skin. On the other hand, it detoxifies and purifies the urinary tract and blood, and this inner cleansing helps to prevent the accumulation of toxins and the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, this cleansing effect prevents wrinkles, attenuates stretch marks and regenerates damaged tissues by weight variations. It helps to combat notably fungi, eczema and herpes among others.

Above the hair: it prevents gray hair due to its rich silica content, an essential element of the connective tissue besides increasing hair growth and improving its appearance, and of course rejuvenates, nourishes and invigorates the skin and hair.

The ponytail has firming, sebum-regulating, circulation-activating and draining properties. It is usually used to make creams that treat skin firmness and elasticity, ointments that help remove fluids from specific areas of the body or as gels to regulate excess sebum in the skin.

Thanks to its regenerating, astringent and diuretic properties, horsetail has numerous applications in the medical and aesthetic field. Some of its most frequent uses are the treatment of fluid retention and hair loss

- Creams designed to prevent wrinkles,
- stretch marks creams, lotions and gels,
- Creams regulating the circulation of varicose veins
- Anti-Cellulite Treatments
- Hair treatments, solid and liquid shampoos


QUALITATIVE PHYTOCHEMICAL COMPOSITION Chemical composition Compounds Alkaloids Nicotine Palustrine Palustrinina Flavonoids Isoquercetin Equinectrin Luteolin Kaempferol Saponosides Equisetonine Mineral salts Calcium carbonate Potassium sulphate Potassium chloride Potassium chloride Calcium phosphate Fe, Mn, Mg, Si, Cr, Co, Zn Acids Silicic acid Acidic acid Ascorbic Acid Ferulic Acid Silicic Acid Malic Acid Caffeic Acid Gallic Acid Pectic Acid Tannic Acid Various Substance Tannins Bitter Principles

STORAGE: Keep containers tightly closed. Protect from light and moisture.

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Precio con IVA incluido

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Precio con IVA incluido

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