Donkey milk powder

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Donkey milk powder

INCI: Donkey Milk

Origin Spain
Our donkey milk is dehydrated 

While this product is food grade, it is sold for cosmetic purposes only.

Donkey milk, an ingredient with a rich history in skin care, has re-emerged in modern cosmetics as a valuable component for its unique properties. From the time of Cleopatra, who is said to have bathed in donkey milk to keep her skin radiant, until today, this ingredient has proven to be an invaluable ally for the health and beauty of the skin. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and benefits of donkey milk in the cosmetic field.

1. Introduction to Donkey Milk

Donkey milk has been appreciated for centuries for its nutritional and regenerating properties. Its rich and balanced composition makes it a sought-after ingredient in the formulation of high-quality cosmetic products.

2. Chemical Composition of Donkey Milk

Donkey milk is characterized by:

- Vitamins: It is especially rich in vitamins A, C and E, essential for the regeneration and protection of the skin.
- Minerals: Contains vital minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium, which contribute to the health and vitality of the skin.
- Fatty acids: Its profile of essential fatty acids helps keep the skin hydrated, nourished and elastic.

3. Benefits of Donkey Milk in Cosmetics

- Cell regeneration: Donkey milk promotes cell regeneration, helping to keep skin young and radiant.
- Deep hydration: Its ability to deeply hydrate the skin makes it ideal for dry or dehydrated skin.
- Soothing effect: It is especially beneficial for sensitive or irritated skin, helping to calm and reduce redness.

4. Applications in Cosmetic Products

- Soaps: Donkey milk-based soaps are known for their softness and ability to cleanse the skin without drying it out.
- Creams and lotions: These products benefit from the regenerating and nutritional properties of donkey milk, offering visible results in a short time.
- Facial masks: Donkey milk enhances the nourishing and regenerating effect of the masks, providing an intensive treatment for the skin.

5. Considerations when Choosing Donkey Milk Products

When selecting cosmetic products with donkey milk, it is essential to opt for those that use high-quality ingredients and are environmentally friendly. The origin and method of obtaining the milk are key factors to guarantee its effectiveness and purity.


Donkey milk, with its rich composition and beneficial properties, has established itself as an essential ingredient in modern cosmetics. Its ability to regenerate, nourish and hydrate the skin makes it an ideal option for those looking for natural and effective products. When choosing products based on donkey milk, it is vital to prioritize quality and ethics in their production.

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