Whole cow's milk powder

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Cow Milk Powder


CAS Nº: 8049-98-7 
Food grade

General Description: Product obtained from the dehydration of the whole fluid milk, by the process of drying by atomization.

Keep in mind that this is a natural product, and there may be variations in color and aroma from one batch to another.

While this product is food grade, it is sold for cosmetic purposes only.
The utilization rate: 1 - 100%

Then you can see information about the nutritional characteristics, properties and benefits that the whole milk powder brings to your body, as well as the amount of each of its main nutrients.

Whole milk powder is a food rich in phosphorus as 100 g. Of this milk contain 714 mg. Of phosphorus.

This food also has a high amount of vitamin B7. The amount of vitamin B7 it has is 24 ug per 100 g.

With an amount of 2.70 ug per 100 grams, whole milk powder is also also one of the foods with more vitamin B5.

This milk is very high in nutrients. In addition to those mentioned above, whole milk powder is also a food rich in vitamin B2 (1.40 mg per 100 g) and potassium (1160 mg per 100 g), calcium (1047 mg per 100 G.) And proteins (25.21 g, each 100 g.).

Among the nutritional properties of whole milk powder it is also worth noting that it has the following nutrients: 0.70 mg. Of iron, 0 g. Of fiber, 27 mg. Of iodine, 3.10 mg. Zinc, 35.10 g. Of carbohydrate, 89 mg. Of magnesium, 371 mg. Of sodium, 253.33æg. Of vitamin A, 0.27 mg. Of vitamin B1, 6.28 mg. Of vitamin B3, 0.20 mg. Of vitamin B6, 40æg. Of vitamin B9, 1.50æg. Of vitamin B12, 11 mg. Of vitamin C, 1.20æg. Of vitamin D, 0.50 mg. Of vitamin E, 1.70æg. Of vitamin K, 477 kcal. Of calories, 97 mg. Of cholesterol, 26.20 g. Of fat, 35.10 g. Of sugar and 0 mg. Of purines.

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