Essential Oil of Lavandín BIO

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Essential Oil of Lavandín BIO

INCI: Lavender Hybrida Oil

CAS No: 8022-15-9 / 91722-69-9 / EINECS / ELINCS No .: 294-470-6

Common name: Essential oil of LAVANDIN GROSSO ECOLOGICO / Organic Lavandín Grosso oil

Botanical name: Lavandula hybrida, Labiatae
Origin: Spain
Cultivation: Ecological
Photosensitizer: Yes
Production: Steam distillation

APPEARANCE: Clear liquid, from colorless to pale yellow
ODOR: Characteristic, fresh, herbaceous.

Physical characteristics:
RELATIVE DENSITY 20º C: 0.886 - 0.896.
REFRACTION INDEX 20 ° C: 1,456 - 1,461
OPTIC ROTATION (-9º / -6º)

Active principles:
Linalyl acetate, linalool, lavandula acetate, 1,8 cineole


Properties of Lavandin Essential Oil:
The hybrid clone superclone is a hybrid between true lavender (lavender angustifolia) and lavender (latifolia lavender).
With properties similar to true lavender, this has a more penetrating aroma.
Very effective as applied muscle tonic before and after exercise. Good ally against insomnia and emotional relaxant.
Anti-aging effects of the skin, reduces stretch marks, burns, scratches, insect bites, animal bites, wounds and skin infections.

Uses in:
- Soaps
- Ointments and ointments muscle pains (athletes)
- Massage oils
- Healing creams
- Perfumes and colognes

- May cause skin irritation, allergic test is recommended before use.
-    Keep out of the reach of children.
- Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and sunlight.
- Do not apply directly on the skin, always use diluted in a carrier oil or other valid supports.
- Take care of your eyes and do not apply inside the ears, nose and anal or genital areas.
- Very volatile, close the bottle well after use.
- This oil is not recommended for use in burners and diffusers of essences.

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