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Ecological Lavender Hydrolate

INCI: Lavandula angustifolia Flower Water.

CAS: 90063 - 37 - 9.
EINECS: 289 - 995 - 2.

Lavender water, like lavender essential oil, are very versatile elements that can be used in all kinds of cosmetics and home remedies.

Hydrolate properties of water or lavender:


The hydrolate lavender has the same properties as the essential oil of lavender, one of the most versatile and used, but with less intensity.
The more widespread the use hydrosols or floral waters is as natural tonics.
Used in cosmetics is indicated in the following cases:

-skins Aging. One of the main features of lavender is its ability to restore damaged or aged tissues.

-Infections Skin. The lavender hidrolato is well suited for skin diseases, especially when it comes to herpes, acne or infected skin.

-fat Skin and cellulitis. This seductive scent hydrolate also convenient to regulate skin oils (applied as a facial toner) and cellulitis (as body tonic).

-Caspa. Another common application is to use the lavender hydrolate suffer if dandruff, and hair lotion.

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