Hydrolyzed marine collagen powder

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INCI Hydrolyzed Collagen.


EINECS No.: 270-082-2

SYNONYMS: Marine Collagen,

COMPOSITION:100% Collagen


Appearance: White fine powder

Characteristic smell

Transparency: 0,000 - 20,000 NTU

pH: 5,000 - 7,000

Average Weight: 1000,000 - 2000,000

Humidity:0.000 - 8.000%

Ignition residue: 0.000 - 2.000%

Protein: >=90%

Relative Density: > 0.3 g/ml

Viscosity: >2mPas

Particle Size: Below 1000μm (18 mesh) <10% below 75 μm (20 mesh)

- Description: This product is an enzymatically produced collagen peptide that is used as a protein source in foods,

nutritional supplements and personal care products.

- Geographic origin: Asia

- Soluble in cold water

- Origin: Pangasius hypophthalmus fish skin

- USE: Food product and pharmaceutical use.

- Halal certified product.

- GMO-free product in accordance with EC Reg. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.

- Product CONTAINS Allergens: Fish and derived products.

- Product NOT treated with Nanomaterial Technology in accordance with Reg. (EU) No. 1169/2011.

- NON-Irradiated Product in accordance with EU Dir. No. 1999/2/CE and 1999/3.

- Standards: Meets manufacturer's specifications.


Dosage: 0.5% to 3%

NOTE: Store in a dry, well-closed container, and protect from direct light and humidity at a temperature no higher than 30ºC.

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