Lime essential oil

Lime essential oil

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Essential Oil Lima

The essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. Brazil, Italy, Mexico and the West Indies grown tree. In California and Florida began to cultivate the tree in the late ninth century.

This tree belongs to the Rutaceae family and lime essential oil is obtained by cold pressing of the shells of the fruit of this evergreen tree. Its aroma is refreshing, unsurprisingly acid and a little bittersweet. This oil is non-toxic, non-irritating or sensitizing. If it is light sensitive and should not be used if it will result in exposure to the sun.

Among the characteristics of this oil we can see that is an excellent revitalizing and energizing, so it is widely used in aromatherapy.

Lime essential oil uses:

- Helps the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite
- It helps the immune system to prevent colds and flus.
- Cleans and treats acne
- You can use (diluted) as an astringent and tonic.

Other essential oils that work well with it are: bergamot, jasmine, tangerine, orange, lavender, neroli, sage, rosemary and citronella

CAUTION: Keep away from eyes). A source close to his cousin lemon choice.

Its natural aroma is strongly popular among men in cosmetics, soaps and perfumes.


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