Organic Shea Butter (Ecocert)

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Organic Shea Butter (Ecocert)

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter

CAS No. 194043-92-0
EINECS Nº: 293-515-7
Origin(s): Vegetable
Grade: Cosmetic
It is 100% pure, natural and unadulterated. It is free of GMOs, parabens, preservatives, and formaldehyde.
Not tested on animals. Not treated with ionizing radiation. Without SVHC substances. Without CRM substances. Free of BST/TSE substances. No nanomaterials. No pesticides.

NATURE OF THE PRODUCT: 100% Pure and Natural Vegetable Oil.
ORIGIN: Central Africa
CERTIFICATE: Certified 100% Organic by Ecocert

Appearance, 25°C Soft solid
Off-white to ivory
Characteristic weak odor
Melting point, °C 28.0 – 34.0
FFA (as oleic), % 1.0 max.
Iodine value, gI2/100g 53 - 75
Saponification value, mgKOH/g 178 - 195
Peroxide value, meqO2/kg 5.0 max.
Unsaponifiable matter, % 4.0 – 9.0
Solubility: Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in chloroform.

Our Refined Organic Shea Butter acts as a moisturizing agent. It is a triglyceride of plant origin. Moisturizes the skin and restores the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Refined Organic Shea Butter can be used in skin care products. It is certified 100% organic by Ecocert.

What is Organic Shea Butter?

Organic Shea Butter is a product derived from Butyrospermum Parkii, a plant species that grows in the Central African region. This butter is 100% pure, natural and unadulterated. Additionally, it does not contain GMOs, parabens, preservatives or formaldehyde. Its obtaining does not involve the use of ionizing radiation, and it is free of SVHC, CRM, BST/TSE substances, nanomaterials and pesticides. Organic Shea Butter is certified organic by Ecocert.

Production of Organic Shea Butter

The production of Organic Shea Butter begins with the collection of the seeds of the shea tree. Once collected, the seeds are subjected to a solar drying process. Subsequently, they are crushed to extract their oil. This oil is refined by heating at a controlled temperature, resulting in a butter with a soft consistency and a color that varies from whitish to ivory.


Properties of Organic Shea Butter: Skin and Hair

Organic Shea Butter has outstanding dermocosmetic properties, both for skin and hair.


Organic Shea Butter has a high moisturizing and emollient power, contributing to skin hydration and restoring skin flexibility and elasticity.

1. Dry skin: The butter's ability to retain moisture favors dry skin, maintaining hydration for long periods.
2. Sensitive skin: Its anti-inflammatory properties allow a reduction in irritation in sensitive skin.
3. Mature skin: Its high antioxidant content fights the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.
4. Oily skin: Despite its oily nature, it can help regulate sebum production, being beneficial even for oily skin.


Organic Shea Butter is highly nutritious for hair, thanks to its richness in vitamins and nutrients.

1. Dry hair: Moisturizes and nourishes dry hair, avoiding the appearance of split ends.
2. Curly hair: Defines and keeps curls hydrated, helping to control frizz.
3. Damaged hair: Repairs and protects damaged hair.
4. Sensitive scalp: Soothes irritation and inflammation of the scalp.

Applications of Organic Shea Butter in Dermocosmetics

Organic Shea Butter is a versatile component in the manufacture of various skin and hair care products, from creams to shampoos and conditioners. The dosage may vary depending on the type of product:

1. Creams and lotions: Between 3 and 100% of the total formula.
2. Lip balms: Up to 100% of the total formula.
3. Hair masks: Between 1 and 10% of the total formula.

Vegetable Oils that Complement Organic Shea Butter

In addition to its individual properties, Organic Shea Butter can be combined with other vegetable oils to enhance its benefits. Here are three unconventional oils that can be used in conjunction with shea butter:

1. Grape Seed Oil: Its rapid absorption and richness in antioxidants make it an excellent complement to Organic Shea Butter.
2. Sesame Oil: Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties added to those of Organic Shea Butter can result in highly nutritious and protective products.
3. Carrot Oil: Its high content of vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects skin and hair from damage caused by free radicals, makes it an ideal partner for Organic Shea Butter.

In short, Organic Shea Butter is a unique product of its kind, with exceptional properties and benefits for skin and hair. At La Despensa del Jabón, we offer only the best for our customers, and Organic Shea Butter is no exception. Discover its full potential and marvel at the results. Dare to explore the world of natural cosmetics with us!


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